Securities Dealer Licence

Seychelles Securities Dealer Licence

Being an unregulated brokerage in today’s market is not a savvy business move. Traders are more aware and regulators are more vigilant than ever before, and operating a brokerage without a license is taking an unnecessary risk. There are numerous jurisdictions that provide licenses to offshore forex brokerages, but how do you know which jurisdiction is good for you?

The Securities Act 2007 of Seychelles, provides the legal framework for the provision of Securities Dealer Services. A Seychelles Securities Dealer License is a license which allows a company to trade in securities either as a principal (on its own account) or as an agent (on behalf of its clients). The regulatory authority, which grants the authorization for such a firm, is the Financial Services Authority (Seychelles)

This license is particularly beneficial for Companies worldwide, who deal/trade in securities. This license is an important tool for your organization to attract more clients. The license will give your firm more credibility in the eyes of your wholesale broker and your clients!

What are the benefits of obtaining a license from the Seychelles financial services authority?

A person holding a Securities Dealer Licence can:

i. Advise other persons concerning investment in securities
ii. Issue, analyse or prepare reports concerning specific securities
iii. Manage a portfolio of securities for another person
iv. A Securities Dealer License is in essence a Seychelles forex trading licensed company that is allowed to trade in securities either as a Nostro Account or as an agent.

A Securities Dealer is a person:

i. Who carries on business of dealing in securities, or
ii. Who holds himself out as conducting such business described below:

  • Makes or offers to make an agreement with another person to enter into or offer to enter into an agreement, for or with a view to acquiring, disposing of, subscribing for or underwriting securities or in any way effects or causes to effect a securities transaction; or
  • Causes any sale or disposition of or other dealing or any solicitation in respect of securities for valuable consideration, whether the terms of payment be on margin, instalment or otherwise or any attempt to do any of the foregoing; or
  • Participates as a securities dealer in any transaction in a security occurring upon a securities exchange; or
  • Receives as a securities dealer an order to buy or sell a security which is executed; or
  • Manages a portfolio of securities for another person on terms under which the first mentioned person may hold property of the other person.

A Securities Dealer may deal in shares, warrants, debentures, loan stock, bonds, certificate of deposits, futures, contract for difference and options.

Advantages of Seychelles Securities Dealer License.

  • Seychelles as a country and popular jurisdiction modern, expedient and flexible Seychelles Securities law;
  • The growing popularity of Seychelles as a preferred jurisdiction for setting up a Securities Dealer. Convenient time zone at GMT+;
  • Attractive tax rate 1.5%;
  • Allows the foreign Securities Dealers from recognized jurisdictions;
  • The License holder can offer its forex services and products publicly on its website;
  • The License holder can take deposits from clients;
  • There is no limit to the number of clients a Seychelles forex company can accept;
  • Relatively low capital maintenance requirement, USD 50,000 in a bank account at all times;
  • Bank account can be located in any jurisdiction;
  • Auditor can be located anywhere in the world subject to regulatory approval.

How can ABC assist you with obtaining a Seychelles Securities Dealer Licence

  • Advice on structure and set up;
  • Step by step assistance throughout licence application process;
  • Assistance in formation of company;
  • Assistance in completing application forms and supporting documents for licence;
  • Liaise with regulator towards obtaining the required licenses;
  • Assistance to recruit natural person to act as directors;
  • Assistance to obtain professional indemnity cover;
  • Assistance in securing a local office;
  • Assistance in recruiting compliance officer and /or trainee compliance officer;
  • Assistance in providing training and guidance where required including AML services;
  • Assistance in preparing financial statements and audit as well as filing services;
  • Other ancillary services as may be required.

For more information, please contact our team of professionals who will provide more information about the application procedures, process and ongoing statutory requirements on

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